Alpine Meridian works with major corporations and early stage companies to develop digital strategies and accelerate revenues. We help clients expand business development activities and identify and structure marketing partnerships. 



  • Develop a healthcare publishers digital distribution strategy.

  • Help a healthcare web publisher develop consumer and professional channels.
  • Develop a digital assets monetization strategy for a major consumer media company.
  • Advise a technical services provider on systems integration acquisitions. 
  • Help a legal database provider expand online and evaluate distribution partners.


  • Create a product plan for a telecom company to increase revenues and profitability.
  • Create and manage an IVR service for a major media company.
  • Create and manage digital joint ventures with telecommunications and publishing companies
  • Help a business publisher increase profitability of its digital properties.


  • Negotiate agreements to increase distribution and licensing revenues for an international publisher.

  • Negotiate agreements  to increase a consumer publisher's subscriber revenues.
  • Assist an educational publisher in negotiating online marketing partnerships.
  • Initiate and close marketing partnerships for a national fulfillment company.
  • Evaluate hosting, connectivity, and programming alternatives for an entertainment industry publisher.
  • Develop a music publisher's web distribution strategy and negotiate marketing partnerships.
  • Structure a marketing partnership between a major online portal and an EHR provider.
  • Initiate and structure a financial tools company's partnerships with web publishers.
  • Structure a pharmaceutical company's private network for  communication with selected physicians.